• Intelligent heating and ventilation for the optimum learning environment

    Intelligent heating and ventilation for the optimum learning environment

  • Specifying the optimal solution, promoting best practice in sustainable design

    Specifying the optimal solution, promoting best practice in sustainable design

  • The need for smarter ventilation in schools, improving behaviour and results in the classroom

    The need for smarter ventilation in schools, improving behaviour and results in the classroom

Energy-Efficient, Demand Controlled heating and ventilation sOLUTION

Jaga Oxygen is an energy-effcient, intelligent and fully programmable heating and venitlation solution which creates fresh, heatly and comfortable indoor environments in buildings of any age and type.

Due to the "modular" design of Jaga's Oxygen it is suitable for rooms with high occupancy such as classrooms, offices and equally for lowrer occupancy such as care homes.

Jaga Oxygen is up to 23% more efficient than natural ventilation:

  • Improving educational performance
  • Keeping office productivity high
  • Related absenteeism low
  • Care home levels fresh and clean

In schools, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has long been an issue and has been proven to have a detrimental effect on educational peformance.  Similarily in an an office enviroment, good indoor climate is essential for productivity and to reduce sickness and absenteeism.  In care homes the need is even more acute as poor IAQ due to excess CO2, is a real threat to healthy living and occupants comfort. 

Why do we need ventilation?

Studies from around the world have shown that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays a significant role in effective learning and overall achievement of students. In addition to this, ventilation solutions are an important factor in achieving BREEAM standards which are a condition of government funding on new build and refurbishment projects on schools and academies.



A. The five spikes show the school week.

B. The perfect conditions (1200ppm) for a classroom of this size and conditions.

C. The figures on the left show a steep increase over 1200ppm. This tells us that the CO2 levels have increased so much that we can expect pupils attainment levels and ability to perform to their best to deteriorate.

The average classroom without ventilation can expect a 5 - 15% decrease in cognitive ability,

How it works

Jaga Oxygen is an intelligent heating and ventilation solution that uses CO2 sensors to constantly monitor the indoor air quality (IAQ) on a room-by-room basis. Sensors trigger the system to automatically introduce a flow of fresh outside air into the room as well as the extraction of the stale contaminated air when the CO2 levels start to rise. In the warmer summer months there is a boost system that can be run to deliver free, effective and secure night-time cooling.

As fresh air is only vented when required it is up to 23% more efficient than natural ventilation and also eradicates draughts, stuffiness and security risks. Controls can be centralised, stand-alone or linked to a building management system. Oxygen can be specified with all of our LST radiators most of our wall-mounted radiators.



Jaga's Oxygen technology partners with all our Low Surface Temperature (LST) and Wall-Mounted radiators which contain our award-winning Low H2O technology.  Our Low H2O radiators have also be independently certified by KIWA for their efficiency making them the 'Most Economical Radiators'.

Jaga - Ojective advice you can trust

Designing, specifying, installing and get a heating and ventilation system up and running can be daunting. Jaga work with you at each step to ensure your system is regulatory compliant and will deliver the optimum indoor environment for its occupants – even if you don’t choose our solution.

  • Design Advice – Simplifying regulatory requirements and experience tested guidance to ensure the right solution is specified.
  • Onsite Support – An initial site visit to assess any limitations and audit of existing set up. Interim visit to ensure the proposed solution can deliver and oversee installation.
  • Final Inspection and Commissioning – Review and testing of the installed system before handover.
  • Client training and demonstration – Introduction for all staff using the system and any functionality they need to be aware of.

Download our Technical Manualfor full technical specifications of our products

Case studies

Find out why Jaga OXYGEN was specified as the heating & ventilation solution for these schools.


James Aiton Primary School

As part of South Lanarkshire Council’s primary schools modernisation programme, James Aiton Primary School underwent a £7 million demolishment and complete re-build. Intent to do its part for the environment, the building was equipped with a bio-mass boiler to reduce its carbon emissions. However, this meant it was imperative the educational facility was fitted out with efficient heating capable of working with this heat source. Additionally the South Lanarkshire Council insisted on a system that not only heats, but could also provide fresh, clean air throughout the classrooms - preventing the hot and uncomfortable feeling generated from the build-up of CO2. The advanced intelligence of the system also allows for a master control to automatically regulate the intake of air based on the CO2 concentration measurements, and expel the stale air outside at the same rate. The result is a fully balanced system only doing what is needed thus saving energy by reducing the need to over-ventilate and over-heat.

Haydon Wick Primary School

Haydon Wick Primary School was experiencing a number of problems associated with poor heating and air quality in the classrooms; as a result the 290 pupils tended to fall asleep in lessons, feel sluggish and suffer from headaches. Swindon Borough Council specified the Jaga Oxygen air refreshment system, to provide good air quality and safe, energy-efficient heating. Jaga’s low water content (Low-Low-H2O) Maxi LST radiators, incorporating Jaga Oxygen units, were installed in the three classroom extension to the school. The small fans within the units introduce fresh air from outside, and pre-heat it during winter. A sensor in each room measures if the carbon dioxide levels are too high, which occurs when more pupils enter the classroom or activity increases. An exhaust system in the roof then removes exactly the right quantity of stale air which otherwise would leave pupils susceptible to headaches and feelings of lethargy or even nausea. The active CO2 sensor system allows fans to operate only when there is a need for fresh air, preventing the system from over-ventilating and wasting money.

Stockwell Primary School

Located off the busy high street of Stockwell in South London. Funded by the Government and administered by Lambeth Council, the educational facility underwent a £3.3million expansion to introduce nine new classrooms and a nursery – allowing for an extra class to be added to each year group at a time when school places are increasingly under pressure. While the school has been expanded several times over the last few decades, the most recent extension had an added agenda. This included equipping the new learning spaces with state-of-the-art heating and ventilation systems to help the school reach a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ standard, and technology to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in the classrooms. Jaga worked closely with the architects to come up with a novel way of introducing air into a Jaga heating and ventilating system. Due to the external façade of the building traditional circular grilles would have looked out of place, so Jaga suggested an innovative solution that involved the provision of discreet “groove” along the façade of the building so the air can enter the building.


OXYGEN isn’t just the perfect heating and ventilation solution for schools, click here to find out why we were specified when the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum and Leeds Grand Theatre & Opera House were both renovated.


With over 50 years of development our innovative system is not just about the technology and providing the best possible IAQ but also how the products will integrate with your building aesthetically and sympathetically.

As a company we strive to ensure that our products and technology are a reflection of our culture and philosophy in energy-efficiency and sustainability. Jaga is devoted to developing products that use less energy and fewer raw materials. Our Low H2O technology has won numerous awards including KIWA’s award for the ‘world’s most economical radiator’.


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