How can I achieve BREEAM status?


Improved IAQ increases cognitive performance by up to 29%. Leading to better behaviour in class, attention span, effective learning and overall achievement.

Promoting Best practice in sustainable building design

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Helping you to achieve BREEAM standards through improving health and wellbeing whilst reducing levels of CO2 emissions and providing equipment to monitor your energy.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM benchmark best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become wildly recognised measures of a buildings environmental performance. In the UK, it is a condition of capital funding that new build and refurbishment projects on schools and academies, achieve specified rating under BREEAM 2011. Smaller schemes may also require formal BREEAM assessment.

How could different ventilation solutions affect BREEAM assessment?

There are so many factors in the BREEAM 2011 assessment takes into account in order to achieve an overall rating including transport, pollution, waste, land use, water and materials. Those factors which can be affected by different ventilation solutions are Health & Wellbeing and energy.

A solution that’s specified to suit you

Every enquiry that we receive about our OXYGEN solution is treated in an individual way, because we know that no two schools are the same and specific requirements invariably differ. So although OXYGEN is a one-stop solution that will meet all of your integrated heating and ventilation needs, it is not an off the shelf solution. We always adopt a truly tailored approach to make sure that the solution we supply is carefully considered and specified to suit you.